U.S. Mail Contractor


AJR's 24/7 dispatch operations, located in our home office, enable constant communication with our drivers. This allows quick scheduling of roadside service, safety monitoring, driver compliance, and delivery status updates for our customer.

Cost control management is essential to the survival of any business and is particularly critical to the transportation industry. We are continually looking to decrease costs by a variety of means which includes safe operating practices, timely maintenance of trucks and equipment and optimizing our purchasing ability.

 AJR Trucking


AJR Trucking has developed a very different standard of quality over the years. We strive to exceed the level of quality expected of us by providing value added services. We go above and beyond what is required of us in a contract. With over 30 years of US Mail Contractor experience, we have learned what quality service with very time sensitive schedules really is. Our main goal has been to provide outstanding service on time every time. We plan for the unexpected and strive to do our best on a daily basis.

Our quality is reflected by the reliability of service we provide our customers. Our fleet and our drivers must meet strict standards before we put them in service. AJR Trucking has received the Eagle Spirit Award twice during its tenure with the USPS and we were privileged to be awarded the Eagle Spirit Award again in August of 2015.

Cost Control