What Should You Know Before Starting a Trucking Company?

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The trucking business has become one of the most prominent and vital businesses globally. Especially with many people in the States doing online shopping, the shipping and delivery process would not be possible without the trucking industry. Consequently, various goods, products, and freight are transported in the country, providing 800,000 drivers the opportunity to work […]

Nine Essential Facts About the Lifestyle of a Truck Driver

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Different sectors of the American economy rely on the trucking industry for quick, easy, and secure delivery of products throughout the country. Trucking transports much more cargo than trains, ships, or aircraft. Without trucks, those products could never get from rail yards, ports, or airports to their final destinations. The US economy would stand at […]

How To Go From A Truck Driver To An Owner Operator?

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It is no secret that the trucking industry has grown into one of the most successful and prominent industries. There is no aspect of the American economy that does not rely on trucking. Not only is trucking responsible for commerce and the transportation of goods, but it also provides such industries as mining, construction, hospitals, […]

How To Turn Your Truck Driving Career From Zero To Hero

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Have you ever thought about becoming a truck driver? Have you ever considered it as a possible career path? If yes, you came to the right place to find out about this profession and the components of truck driver jobs. You will also learn about the best trucking company to work for, what’s the average […]

What Is the Average Local Truck Driver Salary by State in 2022?

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This is one of the most frequently asked questions given by potential drivers who are interested in the trucking industry. Even truck drivers with years of experience always watch for how much a truck driver gets paid per state on average. Perhaps they would consider changing the trucking company they work for based on the […]

The Real Reason America Doesn’t Have Enough Truck Drivers

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The trucking industry is struggling with an issue that affects the entire economy – truck driver shortage. The reason that the truck driver shortage has such a significant impact is that almost 70% of freight is transported through U.S. highways. Accordingly, the trucking industry needs those hardworking people who hit the road on a daily […]

Why Does Sustainability Matter for Truck Drivers?

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  “When sustainability is viewed as being a matter of survival for your business, I believe you can create massive change.” Cameron Sinclair If many years ago, being sustainable was just a nice idea, it is the fastest-growing trend today. In the case of the transportation industry, sustainability is a competitive advantage. Research shows that […]

Truck Driver Lifestyle: A Usual Day on the Road

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It seems like the life of a truck driver consists of the usual workweek and weekends. Nah, it just seems that way – the reality is the other way around. You may think that truckers live a life full of funny adventures, but the fact is that their day consists of long hours of service, […]

AJR Trucking is Featured on the Cover of the Star Carrier October 2021 Issue

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The Star Carrier, one of the National Star Route Mail Contractors Association communications, featured Jack Khudikyan, the founder of AJR Trucking, on the October 2021 Issue.  The October 2021 Issue of the Star Carrier features AJR Trucking on the first pages of the publication and attributes to it the section called AJR Trucking: Innovation, Environmentalism, […]

AJR Trucking Places Largest Kenworth EV Order to Date

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Breaking News! The largest Kenworth battery electric vehicle (EV) order is placed to date. *Kenworth Truck Company manufactures The World’s Best medium and heavy-duty trucks.  Kenworth Truck Company announced that the owner of AJR Trucking, Jack Khudikyan, has ordered 10 Kenworth K270E and 15 Kenworth T680E battery electric vehicles (EV) from Inland Kenworth – Montebello.  […]