The Latest Equipment For Our Drivers

When it comes to AJR’s fleet we go above and beyond the industry standard. We have the latest model Kenworth trucks equipped with the most advanced safety features and cleanest burning engines in the industry with one thing in mind our driver’s well-being. The alternative fuel we use to power our clean fleet has eliminated on average over 27,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually. Additionally, AJR has built an RNG fueling station in Compton, California, through its partnership with U.S. Gain, a leader in the development and distribution of RNG.

The station serves the purpose of further reducing GHG emissions throughout California and surrounding states. The RNG fueling station operates 24/7, enabling other fleets to take advantage of the renewable fuel. This station exceeds the state and federal emission standards and provides fuel to HTA members postal carriers and port carriers.

Our station is extremely user-friendly and provides a fast fill, serving heavy-duty trucks properly. As a result, the new station will benefit not only our trucking fleet but also the community as a whole.
Moreover, with fuel prices rising, this gives us a competitive edge, offering more opportunities for drivers.

AJR is an example of what companies can achieve when they make sustainability a core part of their mission. We’re honored to partner with such a sustainably-driven transportation company, like AJR Trucking, and are excited to see fueling demand build at this new station.”

Scott Hanstedt

U.S. Gain’s Director of Sales


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Expanding Further

Investing in state-of-the-art technology helps AJR ensure the safety of its operations and make the drivers job easier. We are planning to increase the range of our eco-friendly trucks by adding 70 more new Kenworth T680s to our trucking fleet.

The T680 is a powerful truck, and it’s built to last. We’re excited to begin operation, and so are our drivers. This is just the start.

Jack Khudikyan

Vice President