Who we are

AJR is a USPS Contract Carrier operating in the privatized sector of the postal transportation industry. Thanks to the company’s high-quality and resourceful project management and completion capabilities, it has managed to form a partnership with USPS that has lasted for more than 30 years.
Being in the top 10 of the largest USPS mail haulers, AJR is an example of a trucking company that demonstrates excellence in service and management of human resources. With experienced and trained personnel, high-quality and specialized equipment, as well as first-class customer service, AJR exceeds any expectation regarding trucking services in general. AJR works all across the Unites States, providing exceptional services for the United States postal services nationwide.

For more than 30 years we have strived to make a difference, becoming more than just another transportation company that moves freight from point A to point B. Today we are proud to promote sustainability and have an alternative fueling station.

Our commitment to sustainability started with the near-zero natural gas truck contract with USPS. The contract included 20 trucks fueled with RNG. As of right now, AJR is one of the largest alternative fuel contractors working with USPS, with a fleet of 60 clean trucks.

We are fully committed to a green, sustainable fleet and business model. Moreover, we have made significant investments in state-of-the-art technology, being recognized as a strategic partner to USPS that embraces innovation.

All of these reasons combined with significant capacity, focused safety, and efficient fleet management, make AJR the best at meeting customer needs in a timely manner.


Trees Planted


Metric Tons of GHG Emissions Eliminated


Cars Removed off the Road

These numbers are not static; they grow at a fast rate and so does AJR’s contribution to a greener environment!