5 Facts About Labor in the Trucking Industry: AJR Sets Up Its Own Standards

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5 Facts About Labor in the Trucking Industry: AJR Sets Up Its Own Standards

In 2021, the US truckload industry’s market size is projected to get close to $200 billion. Therefore, the industry is becoming more and more lucrative day by day. Wondering what’s new in the US trucking industry? Keep reading our guide to trucking industry news to unlock all the secrets concerning labour!

  1. US Trucking Employees are Crucial to the Economy

It isn’t easy to imagine what the US economy would be like without the hard-working truck drivers. In fact, a report suggests that about any product consumed in the United States is conveyed by truck at some point. Thus, in 2019, the US trucking industry made up around 73% of all freight transported in the country, equating to a stunning 12 billion tons.

  1. Shortage of Truck Drivers in the USA

2021 saw the number of freight drivers drop from the previous year’s 465,000 to only 430,000, and things aren’t looking great, according to Bob Costello, a chief economist at American Trucking Associations (ATA). “The driver shortage in the US is getting even worse; it is as bad as it has ever been,” Costello recently said to the Financial Times.

So what are the most probable reasons for continually dropping the number of freight drivers? A common one is that more people are retiring than entering the industry. In figures, there were about 15 million truck driver job postings from 2019 to 2020. Also, the majority (57%) of all the US truck drivers are above the age of 45, followed by 23% in their late 50s.

  1. US Trucking Industry Recruits International Drivers

The shortage of trucking drivers has become so severe in the United States that some fleet managers are doing their best to get more foreign drivers to enter America. Traditionally, the trucking industry always has a shortage of drivers; however, with the COVID-19 resulting in new laws and regulations and an upended lifestyle, the number has shrunk significantly.

Moreover, the VP of the Petroleum Marketing Group, Andre LeBlanc, has recently noted talking to the governor and senators, among other people, to emphasize that the shortage of drivers can bring crises such as lack of fuel and increased prices.

  1. Women Entering the US Trucking Industry

Many experts believe that female truck drivers can occupy vacant jobs in the trucking industry – who are yet to become a significant employee segment in the industry.

To accomplish this, Ellen Voie, Women in Trucking Association’s CEO, suggests improving safety standards as she’s discovered that safety is the number one concern for women. Though, it’s key to keep in mind that safety is a holistic concept, and it makes up the proper maintenance of equipment, among other safety priorities.

Moreover, women taking up leadership roles in trucking companies is a factor in the higher involvement of women workers in the sector. Actually, Skelton Truck Lines of Canada reports that over 30% of its employees are women, which was achieved by offering females positions in management.

  1. The Vaccine Mandate Might Come to Effect

President Biden’s Vaccine Mandate has indeed caused a wave of concern in certain sectors. Since the COVID-19, truckers have played a key role in ensuring that the US economy is up and running by delivering essential medical equipment and supplies promptly and safely.

However, the new laws might affect about 80 million working Americans, including those employed in the trucking sector. It goes without saying that the package of rules is likely to see many truckers leave their positions, further aggravating the employee shortage situation.

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