5 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Choose AJR Trucking

5 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Choose AJR Trucking

AJR Trucking is a contract carrier for USPS, the world’s largest public postal service. As one of its top 10 mail haulers, the company has grown from strength to strength, making all-around sustainability its key aspiration. It has also received the Eagle Spirit Award—not just once, but three times. 

AJR continues to tread on this path of excellence by making conscious efforts to be one of the most customer, employee, and environment-friendly trucking companies in the country and the world. 

Israel Ochoa Jr, who has been a lead truck driver with the company for almost 7 years has only good things to say. His job involves assigning driving schedules to drivers during peak holiday season and looking after the overall delivery process. 

He says, “I enjoy a sense of purpose when I am working with AJR. They give a lot of importance to the drivers and recognize our efforts. There’s a lot of involvement and engagement from the management. The pay is also great. Overall, the work environment and the people we work with make it worth my time here.”

So, if you want to become a truck driver or are looking for local truck driver jobs, work for a sustainable trucking company like AJR Trucking. 

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are the top five reasons you should build your truck driving career with us, with snippets of our interview with Mr Ochoa Jr. 

Competitive Pay & Other Perks

We provide competitive truck driver salary packages along with other perks. We offer set routes and fixed hours, so you don’t have to worry about your daily schedule and how much a truck driver makes a month.

You get guaranteed earnings instead.  

In addition, vacation pay is included in our truck driver salary, allowing you the freedom to take time off without worrying about making money.

Intensive Medical Coverage

Being strong and healthy is one of the requirements for becoming a truck driver

In order to thank drivers for their valuable service, we provide healthcare benefits, including complete dental and vision coverage. We understand local truck driver jobs, especially one that involves loading and unloading, can be very physically demanding. 

So we go the extra mile to provide maximum coverage health insurance for all our employees. This also helps our company maintain AB5 compliance. 

AJR Provides Intensive Medical Coverage

Regular Training

AJR Trucking has nearly doubled its scope of service with USPS in the last year and is growing at an unprecedented rate. To maintain this pace and live up to our spotless reputation, we provide intensive on-the-job training to all of our employees. 

While local truck driver jobs are common everywhere in California, we are dedicated to upskilling our employees and taking their skills and industry knowledge to the next level. Besides helping the company maintain its quality of service, training helps boost self-confidence in our employees. 

If you ever find yourself pondering, “Are truck drivers happy?” remember that they can be, if they work in a company that focuses on their welfare.  We’re a people-first company that knows all the requirements for becoming a truck driver. We do everything we can to enable our employees to realize their full potential and build a long, rewarding career out of local truck driver jobs. 

Latest Gear and Fleet

Did you know that 40% of truck crashes happen because of poor maintenance

But trucking is the lifeline of the American economy, and drivers are always among the frontline workers during any emergency. Therefore, they only deserve the best trucks and equipment to work with. That’s why at AJR Trucking, we take driver safety and security very seriously. 

We ensure that all our trucks and gear are well-maintained and top-form. In addition, we invest in new and best-in-class equipment to keep our fleet updated at all times. We provide the safest local truck driver jobs in California because it is our moral obligation to do so. 

Additionally, we leverage data collected over 30 years of operations to find the best routes for our truck drivers. It helps us make tangible efficiency gains and allows our drivers to make the most productive use of their time. 

Israel Ochoa Jr., a lead driver, working with AJR Trucking for more than 7 years says that working with the company makes him feel safe and comfortable. 

Employee Well-being & Appreciation

At AJR Trucking, we are thankful to our driver partners for their support and tireless efforts toward making us one of the most successful contract couriers for USPS. We would not have been able to chart our success story without their valuable contributions. 

Apart from providing an excellent working environment, ample flexibility, and job security, we also take every opportunity to thank truck drivers. We host an annual Truck Driver Appreciation Week to thank drivers.

In fact, per one of our lead drivers, AJR is miles ahead of its competitors in terms of the recognition it gives its drivers. 

Any possible dispute is prioritized and solved at the earliest. All our drivers enjoy a seamless experience with the management. Our managers are trained to ensure timely resolution of issues and maintain a healthy relationship with our drivers. 

We do our best to provide the best local truck driver jobs to those willing to become a truck driver and help them make a sustainable career out of it. 

Are truck drivers happy? At AJR Trucking, they definitely are. 

AJR Trucking — Being Responsible All the Way

AJR Trucking takes great pride in being a USPS mail hauler for over 30 years and leading by example. We know that the future of the trucking industry can be made better by offering lucrative local truck driver jobs and improving working conditions. That’s why we spare no effort in creating a comfortable and conducive work environment for those who want to become a truck driver. 

But our efforts don’t end at providing a generous truck driver salary and thanking drivers for their hard work.

In addition to prioritizing employee health and well-being, we are also conscious of the  environment. Our near-zero emission trucks have helped eliminate 125649 metric tons of GHG emissions. We envision a green future for the trucking industry and have been working tirelessly to realize that dream. 

We also actively build a work culture that focuses on innovation and sustainability. 

If you have always wanted to become a truck driver, seek local truck driver jobs with AJR Trucking today. We promise we will get you to a great start.

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