How To Turn Your Truck Driving Career From Zero To Hero

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How To Turn Your Truck Driving Career From Zero To Hero

Have you ever thought about becoming a truck driver? Have you ever considered it as a possible career path? If yes, you came to the right place to find out about this profession and the components of truck driver jobs. You will also learn about the best trucking company to work for, what’s the average truck driver salary, and what kind of experience you need to start working such a job.

What does it mean to be a truck driver? 

Truck drivers are an essential part of international and regional trade, as they move products and goods from one industrial site to another. For that, they use either a truck or a tractor-trailer. 

Some of their responsibilities are taking care of their vehicle, having a clear understanding of the routes, and being able to plan and navigate through them. With a job like this, the drivers must be ready to drive for long hours and travel often. In some cases, they might run into unexpected situations such as traffic or bad weather. In this case, the drivers must know how to adapt quickly and handle these situations calmly. 

How much do truck drivers earn?

Based on a research survey from, the average truck driver salary in California is $74k -$81k  annually. So if you are looking for local trucking jobs in California, it’s helpful to know what determines the average salary.

What are some of the qualifications to become a truck driver at a USA trucking company?

Besides the points mentioned above, truck drivers also have other responsibilities, such as:

  • Being punctual and being able to meet deadlines when it comes to delivery.
  • Documenting the amount of time spent driving, working, resting, and retaining fuel.
  • Being attentive and complying with policies and delivery instructions.
  • Being able to drive without violating the rules of the road.
  • Having a basic understanding of how to use a GPS. 
  • Constantly updating their knowledge about their job. 
  • Treating even the smallest problem with care. 

Is it important to have experience before applying for a truck driving job?

Many companies do indeed value the work experience of their drivers. Of course, the more experienced the driver, the better they are handling challenges when driving. Additionally, they would demonstrate advanced skills and have a better understanding of their responsibilities.  

But one who doesn’t have the required skills for such a career shouldn’t be discouraged. After all, the skills of a truck driver can be developed over time. 

However, it is important to carefully choose the best trucking company to work for as an inexperienced driver. You will have to find the best trucking company for new drivers that is ready to patiently support and train you throughout your job. Many of them even look for the passion you have for the job itself. After all, love and inspiration are also important for success in the trucking business

So, if you want to find truck driver jobs with no experience, you will have to research the best trucking company for new drivers.  AJR trucking is one of the best local trucking companies. It can be a great place to find a local trucking jobs and launch your career as a driver. 

The issues regarding driver shortage

Even though the average truck driver salary is high, there is still a shortage of truck drivers in the industry. And the industry’s rapid growth is the main reason for that. 

Approximately 70% of the produced goods in the United States are transported through a trucking company. Moreover, the industry’s potential to continuously advance is very high. And because of its rapid growth, it’s difficult to find hardworking and passionate people. That is why there is a truck driver shortage

Why is AJR Trucking the best trucking company in the US?

Nowadays, it is not easy to find a local trucking job where the company provides good terms for drivers. AJR Trucking satisfies its customers and takes care of its employees. With them, as it is the biggest trucking company in the US, finding the best local trucking jobs is possible.

And it is a great place for new drivers as it values the personal growth of its employees. It treats every driver as an individual and can be the best trucking company to start with when looking for a trucking career. As a company that values sustainability, it follows a green business model and uses renewable natural gas to power its high-quality trucks. 

For more than 30 years AJR, the best trucking company has been working with USPS. Due to its experience, it easily manages to meet the needs of its clients in Los Angeles. 

AJR provides its employees with high and well-deserved salaries. With their ability to appreciate their employees and be sustainable, AJR has become the best local trucking company to work for. 

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