Why Should We Be Thankful for Truck Drivers More?

Happy Thanksgiving

Why Should We Be Thankful for Truck Drivers More?

It’s that time of the year again to spread kindness, share the joy of giving, and show gratitude for the little things in life. Thanksgiving is here – a time of celebration, gratitude and, of course, delicious food. Why do we need to thank truck drivers for Thanksgiving? Everything at the Thanksgiving feast, from cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes to the traditional turkey, was delivered by a truck driver. Considering how much food is consumed on Thanksgiving, it’s easy to see that it takes a lot of truck drivers to make the holiday a reality.

Thanksgiving and Trucking

Approximately 46 million turkeys are consumed each year in the United States during Thanksgiving season, according to the National Turkey Federation. That’s a huge number! And how are the millions of turkeys and nearly $60 billion worth of goods purchased this holiday distributed to local stores? Mainly by trucks, of course! Truckers are estimated to deliver about 16,600 truckloads of turkeys to the United States on Thanksgiving alone.

Pumpkin pie is second only to turkey as a Thanksgiving favorite. With the increasing popularity of squash-flavored foods over the last decade, the demand for squash seems to be on the rise this winter. In fact, America grows about 1.5 billion lbs of pumpkins each year. Pumpkins grow during the warmer months and can be delivered to stores across the country in early September. Transporting pumpkins requires special care and temperature-controlled trucks. The truck drivers make sure to deliver the pumpkins in time for Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving and Trucking

Right after Thanksgiving comes Black Friday, one of the busiest shopping days of the year. About 134 million people shop on Black Friday alone. Truck drivers not only have to deliver all these goods to stores on time, but they also have to carry all the goods that consumers buy on Cyber Monday. Last year, over 97 million consumers shopped online. All this trading is possible thanks to truck drivers. 

Trucking Business in the US

America is heavily dependent on the trucking business as over 80% of US communities rely solely on trucks for the delivery of goods, and the history of the trucking industry shows that this has always been the case! No matter what day of the year or holiday, the saying “when the trucks stop, so does America” is absolutely true. Many truck drivers go out to deliver goods and products on Thanksgiving Day instead of staying home for dinner with friends and family. The success of AJR relies heavily on our dedicated drivers. AJR appreciates the drivers’ commitment to providing quality, timely deliveries.

AJR Trucking Cares About Employees

As one of the top 10 largest USPS mail carriers, AJR constantly emphasizes the importance of providing excellent opportunities and working conditions for its drivers. We take care of all our drivers and ensure good working conditions at the local level. AJR Trucking emphasizes that in addition to effective work performance drivers must be provided with a friendly working environment. The three Eagle Spirit Awards show how much AJR cares about its employees and sets an example for local trucking companies and the future of trucking industry.

AJR Trucking Cares About Employees

AJR offers its employees well-deserved high salaries. Depending on the state, a local truck driver salary can range between $40,000 to $60,000. With the ability to value its employees and be sustainable, AJR is a great local trucking company to work for. AJR Trucking also promises consistency through its long-standing cooperation with the US Postal Service. With them, it is possible to find the best trucking industry jobs since it is one of the top trucking companies in the United States. AJR is also a sustainable trucking company and one of the main benefits of working for a sustainable trucking company is the flexibility to adapt to environmental challenges and new requirements set by the government.

What does AJR offer?

Benefit packages such as Driver Options of Health, Dental, Vision & 401K,

Direct deposit or reloadable visa card,

Vacation, sick pay & paid holidays,

$500 driver referral bonus,

Base pay based on federal wage determination.

Thankful for Truck Drivers!

With Thanksgiving and many other holidays and festivities just around the corner, we pay tribute to the efforts of truck drivers that are often overlooked. Truck drivers play a key role in getting Christmas presents, retail merchandise, and holiday treats to the doorsteps of millions of Americans.

Thankful for Truck Drivers

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without the trucking industry and truck drivers. This Thanksgiving, we want to show our appreciation to hardworking truck drivers. Because of them, people can enjoy delicious Thanksgiving meals and treats every Black Friday. If we buy it, it means a truck driver delivered it. As you enjoy your turkey this year, remember that truck drivers worked behind the scenes to make your celebration extra special. This holiday is all about being grateful, so we all have many reasons to thank truck drivers.

We thank a truck driver for their time, effort, and devotion to providing quality trucking service. AJR shows constant appreciation toward its employees, be it during Thanksgiving or any other day. 

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at AJR Trucking.


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