Clean Fleet Award Awaits for AJR at ACT Expo

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Clean Fleet Award Awaits for AJR at ACT Expo

The remarkable Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo will take place from August 30 to September 2 this year! Today’s most advanced vehicles, technologies & fuels will be represented at Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California. An entire convention center, 250+ exhibitors & sponsors, all alternative fuels and efficiency technologies, more than 75 advanced clean vehicles, ride & drive event alongside multiple fleet awards – all at ACT Expo. 

AJR & MDB are at ACT Expo

The Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) doesn’t miss sustainable transportation companies and trucking companies who promote environmental sustainability to be recognized as fleet operators displaying authentic leadership in clean transportation with an aim to achieve sustainability in the trucking industry. As active representatives of sustainable transportation, AJR & MDB attend ACT Expo, and no wonder that AJR is nominated for Clean Fleet Award!

What is ACT Expo About? 

Of course, AJR & MDB couldn’t be absent from such an important and tremendous event like the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo. Considering that it is North America’s largest advanced transportation technology and clean fleet event, and AJR alongside MDB are sustainability-driven transportation carriers, being absent would be nonsense. This expo is the place to bounce up the future of transportation. ACT Expo provides myriads of opportunities to companies like AJR & MDB. During this expo, companies have the opportunity to learn about significant product debuts and major announcements from leading suppliers and OEMs, to network with the industry leaders of utmost influence, to go through the learning process from the most innovative and progressive organizations, as well as to get acquainted with the most advanced vehicles of commercial type all over the world. This year, everything will be on the highest possible level, taking into account that ACT Expo celebrates 10 years of conducting the largest event in North America!

Why is AJR Nominated?

As mentioned above, AJR is nominated for the Clean Fleet Award! Well, no surprise that this is so because AJR thrives towards sustainability through providing quality services for its customers, the community, and the environment. AJR is the trucking company that has managed to be the one providing mail hauling services for the USPS for 30+ years and has recently signed the Highway Contract Routes (“HCRs”) agreement. Who else, if not AJR, should have been nominated for the Clean Fleet Award? 

It’s logical that a partnership of a lifetime could never be achieved if AJR didn’t have sustainability as a key aspiration. The green business model is at the core of a sustainable transportation company. It uses renewable natural gas (RNG), has a compressed natural gas (CNG) fleet, and over 60 clean trucks. Coupled with this, AJR operates in a way that it managed to replace more than one million gallons of diesel fuel with RNG. Thus, eliminate over 2,200 metric tons of GHG emissions. For you to understand the greatness of the phenomenon, what AJR did is equal to planting 150,000 trees and removing over 1,234 cars. 

Is the nomination earned? Absolutely!

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