AJR Rocked 2021: Get a Dose of Motivation for 2022

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AJR Rocked 2021: Get a Dose of Motivation for 2022

2021 has been a year of blessings. So many achievements, so many improvements within the company, so many changes outside the company, and so many will still come! Throughout 2021, AJR overcame challenges, accomplished goals, and achieved new heights in the trucking industry. AJR Trucking has passed along a path worth a recap. So, let’s recap the year from AJR’s point of view; meanwhile, get a dose of motivation to kickstart the year 2022!

AJR Became a Winner of Award Ceremonies

Throughout the year, AJR, as a trucking company, managed to become a receiver of multiple awards at events like ACT Expo and NGV Achievement Awards. Due to a dedicated sustainable business model and determination towards sustainably conducting operations, AJR got nominated for the Clean Fleet Award at ACT Expo and NGV Achievement Award at NGV America. Besides being an example of a top trucking company to work for because of compliance with Corporate Social Responsibility norms, AJR provides quality services alongside having the notion of excellence as one of the key aspirations. Plus, AJR as a leading American trucking company always follows industry trends and trucking news not to miss an opportunity to be ahead of the competition. Who else, if not AJR Trucking, should have got nominated? 

AJR Has Been a Sponsor of RNG Fueling Station

No wonder that such a sustainable trucking company like AJR became a sponsor of an already popular renewable natural gas (RNG) fueling station. As a trucking business that has constantly been displaying the right way of conducting business, promoting environmental sustainability, going up through the career ladder, and so on, no other company than AJR Trucking and its sister-company MDB Transportation could be the sponsor of such a highly sustainable occasion. 

AJR Promoted the Equality in the Workforce 

One of the most significant and game-changing aspects of 2021 for the best trucking company, according to trucking industry news, has been the promotion of equality in the workforce. First, it is good to know that AJR uplifted its recruitment practices, which let the company see employees not only as professionals but also as personalities and talents. The board of directors of AJR Trucking came to the phenomenon that employees should be recognized as individuals with unique personalities. They understood that without apt employee appreciation practices, not only the company cannot thrive towards prosperity, but also the company culture cannot be crafted in the best possible way, i.e., in harmony, with respect towards one another, apt appreciation of one another’s job, etc. Furthermore, AJR put no limits on who could apply for the trucking job. Regardless of everything, both females and males are welcomed at AJR Trucking. Such a move made the company not only dedicated to promoting sustainability but also gender equality. Another reason to thrive towards becoming a part of the best trucking company to work for. No discrimination, no disrespect – sole appreciation, talent acquisition, and respect towards each individual of the workforce. 

AJR Strengthened Exclusive Partnership with USPS

AJR has been the USPS Contract Carrier for over 30 years. Such an exclusive partnership is a gift because not every business partnership can last this long. Let’s admit that even married couples do not manage such a number of years. Nonetheless, thanks to being agile, resourceful in project completion and management capabilities, and high-quality standards, AJR Trucking managed to meet all the needs and expectations of Los Angeles trucking services. Indeed, in 2021, AJR managed to become a serious player in the digital world due to its website progression, blog, social media pages, etc. Such a provision in the company’s history tightened up the partnership between AJR Trucking and USPS. Strengthened business partnership – one of the most important keys of aspiration. 

Final Note

AJR Trucking celebrates a year of accomplishments and achievements. This year, AJR Trucking managed to receive an NGV Achievement Award alongside the Clean Fleet Award in the most significant events of the year – ACT Expo and NGV America. AJR got nominated for all these awards because of its high engagement in environmental sustainability and urge to tell the world how important the concept of sustainability is. Plus, AJR became a sponsor of one of the first and powerful RNG fueling stations. Moreover, it promoted gender equality in the workforce alongside acquiring apt recruitment practices for crafting the dream company culture. Furthermore, the company strengthened the business ties with its exclusive partner USPS, mainly because of its provision in the digital world, where it promotes environmental sustainability to the max through its engaging website that certifies AJR as the best trucking company. 

Let the upcoming year be the continuation of prosperity and growth for each of us! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

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