AJR Trucking Takes NGV Achievement Award

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AJR Trucking Takes NGV Achievement Award

It’s common knowledge that AJR Trucking owns modern equipment and a talented team of professionals that provide its customers with the highest quality of customer service. However, in addition to occupying a leading position in the trucking industry, AJR contributes much to environmental sustainability. In fact, the trucking company has become one of the most significant alternative fuel providers to USPS, with 60 trucks up and running. And recently, AJR has won acclaim at a high level for its contribution to the green economy.

In numbers, AJR Trucking’s operations equate to planting over 150,000 trees, eliminating about 2,100 metric tons of GHG emissions, and taking over 1,230 cars off the road. Excitingly, these numbers do not stagnate -instead, they increase at a fascinating rate. But how exactly does AJR Trucking achieve its environmental goals? The company’s alternative fuel, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG), has helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly – 2,000 metric tons. Besides, AJR has recently launched a brand-new RNG fueling station in Compton, California, in cooperation with U.S. Gain, a leading developer, and distributor of RNG. The fueling station has one aim – to help shrink greenhouse gas emissions across the whole of California.

What’s more? The station will provide 24/7 fueling services, also enabling other fleets to leverage RNG for their operation. It’s essential to note that the station complies with the emission standards set by the Harbor Trucking Association and the Port of Long Beach; therefore, the safety of use is guaranteed. Straightforward to use, it takes a few minutes to serve even heavy-duty trucks. It goes without saying that truckers and the community gain from AJR’s new RNG fueling station. “AJR is an example of what trucking companies can achieve when they make sustainability a core part of their mission. We’re honored to partner with such a sustainability-driven transportation company like AJR Trucking and are excited to see fueling demand build at this new station,” says Scott Hanstedt, U.S. Gain’s Director of Sales.

Thus, it should come as no surprise that AJR Trucking was recently awarded the 2021 NGV Achievement Award. All in all, NGVAmerica is the sponsor of the NGV Achievement Awards, helping to acclaim individuals and organizations for their significant contributions to promoting natural gas as a primary fuel of transportation. Concerning the beneficiaries of the award, there can be representatives from all stakeholder segments, from NGV industry equipment and service suppliers to policymakers and beyond. Despite being noncompetitive, a set of standards are put forward for companies and individuals to meet to qualify for the NGV Achievement Award. Overall, the award recipients have often significantly promoted the use of natural gas as a fuel for transportation. In addition, they boast a unique and innovative approach to solving a problem or creating an opportunity. The results should be measurable, and they should advance community and NGV goals of boosting air quality and reducing our dependence on oil resources. Last but not least, all of this ought to be accomplished while maintaining ethical practices of doing trucking business.

Investing in cutting-edge technology, AJR guarantees the safety of transportation while making truck fleet management a lot more efficient. “We plan to hold onto these trucks for their entire life cycle, so what’s important to us is durability, reliability, and comfort. The T680 is a powerful truck, and it’s built to last. We’re excited to begin operation, and so are our drivers. This is just the start,” says Jack Khudikyan, Vice President. Therefore, one can expect AJR Trucking to introduce many more initiatives that will boost environmental sustainability across the United States.

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