Impact of Automation and Robotics in Transportation

Impact of Automation and Robotics in Transportation

Data from the American Trucking Associations (ATA) shows that trucking continues to be the most prolific mode of surface transportation in the country, hauling 11.46 billion tons of freight in 2022. However, it continues to face bottlenecks in various processes, like warehousing, route mapping, logistics management, and other areas. What is the solution to building […]

Choose a Greener Tomorrow: Advantages of CNG Over Traditional Fossil Fuels

CNG VS Traditional Fueling

Did you know that medium to heavy-duty trucks contribute to 25% of the total vehicular Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of the U.S. transportation sector? On average, each truck leaves a footprint of 223 tons of carbon dioxide per year. But alarming as these figures are, the environmental impact of the trucking industry can be compensated […]


COMPTON, CA – May 1, 2023 — AJR Trucking, a leading carrier for the United States Postal Service (“USPS”) and a major drayage carrier operating in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, announced the execution of a purchase order for 50 Nikola Tre hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (“FCEV”) trucks from Tom’s Truck […]

5 Reasons Why Truck Drivers Choose AJR Trucking

AJR Trucking is a contract carrier for USPS, the world’s largest public postal service. As one of its top 10 mail haulers, the company has grown from strength to strength, making all-around sustainability its key aspiration. It has also received the Eagle Spirit Award—not just once, but three times.  AJR continues to tread on this […]

We Tested the New Hydrogen FCEV Trucks by Nikola Corporation: Here’s What We Found

a man standing near a black truck

Nikola Corporation, known for its innovative and energy-efficient commercial transportation solutions, is all set to send its Tre FCEV trucks into assembly line production in Arizona later this year.  As a sustainable truck management company, we visited their headquarters to review the brand’s new fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV) semi-truck.  Here’s everything we found out about […]

Real Reasons Truck Drivers Join A Company


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the commercial trucking industry sustains the US economy. Attesting to this fact, the Biden administration recently released a statement expressing its commitment to supporting the country’s trucking workforce. “A strong, stable, and safe trucking workforce that offers good-paying jobs to millions of truck drivers is a critical lifeblood […]

AB5 and Its Effect on the Trucking Industry

black and red truck

AB5 (California Assembly Bill 5) is a law that went into effect in California at the start of 2020. Generally speaking, the law requires trucking companies to reclassify independent contractors as employees. AB5 uses the ABC test to define an independent contractor. Part A states that the worker is considered a contractor if they are […]

The Impact of Seasonal Demand on the Trucking Industry


Statistics from the past few years paint a dire picture of the trucking industry across North America. In the US alone, truckers move over 70% of the freight, yet the country remains sorely short of drivers. The latest figures show a shortfall of 80,000 drivers in the US and 25,000 in Canada. The New York […]

Past, Present and Future of the Trucking Industry

Past, Present and Future of the Trucking Industry

Technology is rapidly starting to play an essential role in the trucking industry. Many events, like the Autonomous and Electric Truck Vehicle Summit, aim to gather together the major players and innovators in the field for a series of panel discussions about the future growth opportunities of the trucking business. The trucking industry in the […]