Current and Upcoming Trends and Their Influence On the Trucking Industry

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Current and Upcoming Trends and Their Influence On the Trucking Industry

It is no secret that the transportation industry is crucial for our country to have a stable and growing economy. And just like any other industry, the trucking business also goes through its ups and downs, which impact its productivity and growth. However, some existing trends allow us to foresee how the industry will operate. Let’s take a look at some of the influential trends in the trucking industry that will emerge in 2022.  


Industry’s Rapid Growth

As we’ve already stated, the trucking industry is the backbone of our economy and what allows commerce to operate efficiently. Even the most basic daily items and goods we own have been brought to us thanks to freight transportation. That means the industry mainly relies on truck drivers to transport the freight from one location to another. 

Now, you may ask, how big is the trucking industry? To put it in perspective, 70% of goods within the country are transported by truck drivers.

Therefore, an existing truck driver shortage in the industry can only be resolved if more truckers join the sector. It doesn’t matter if you’re a regional truck driver, OTR, a local, or even a woman truck driver. Being a truck driver is a rewarding job that ensures the development of commerce and the economy. So, if you’re considering becoming a truck driver, this is a perfect time. But remember that finding the best trucking company aware of industry trends will promise you more professional success. 


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Increase in the Freight Transportation

The American Trucking Association’s US Freight Transportation Forecast has stated that in 2022, freight trucking will undergo a 24% increase. This consequently means an increase in revenue by 67%, which is beneficial for the trucking industry. More freight transportation means more job opportunities will be created in the sector, whether you are a regional, OTR, or a local truck driver


The Demand for Local Truck Drivers

Throughout the last two years, local trucking jobs have become more prominent in the industry. They are less risky for the driver’s health, as they don’t require them to spend much time sitting and allow drivers to be home more often. According to the American Transportation Research Institute, between 2017-2022, truck drivers have gradually driven less than 1000 miles. So, the future of the trucking industry promises to include more local truck drivers. 


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Implementing Eco-Friendly Practices

Even though the US trucking industry is a massive contributor to the country’s development, it also adds to poor air quality. This is why many first-rate trucking companies integrate eco-friendly and sustainable business practices to ensure that their operations do not cause additional harm to the environment. Some of those practices include using electric vehicles, eliminating cars from the road, and reducing air pollutants or greenhouse gas emissions. 


Team Truck Driving

One of the latest trucking industry trends has been team truck driving, which allows two drivers to collaborate and drive the same truck. As a result, the drivers spend less time on the road as they switch when one of them needs some time to relax. Additionally, this method allows drivers to complete routes more efficiently and may include better pay.

Team truck driving is an excellent way for friends or family members who are truck drivers to share the same road and have more fun together. 


The Rise of Fuel Prices

According to trucking rates, fuel prices are currently fluctuating on the market. In the US, the average cost of diesel fuel is now $3.674 per gallon (more than $1.148 compared to last year). Fuel demand has increased dramatically since 2020, but supply hasn’t kept up.

According to the trucking industry statistics 2022, it is believed that diesel prices will decrease this year if oil supply and demand become equal. Without them, freight rates will increase due to rising fuel prices, and more fleets may start looking for alternatives like electric vehicles or other sustainable business practices discussed above. 


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How a Local Trucking Company Is Shaping the Industry One Trend at a Time

Following and being aware of the trends in the trucking industry is essential for every trucking company to succeed.

With more than 30 years of experience, AJR Trucking is an expert on keeping up to date with trucking business news, trucking business news, taking excellent care of its staff, managing secure and efficient freight transportation, meeting client delivery schedules, and following a sustainable business strategy.

Truck drivers are essential to the industry’s growth, and AJR Trucking encourages them to pursue this career path. Our trucking company carefully follows all of the trucking industry news to be aware of the current and upcoming trends. This is why at AJR Trucking, we use sustainable business practices, as well as encourage team truck driving. 

What makes AJR the best trucking company for new drivers is the fact that it allows its employees to grow professionally and provides high salaries and insurance for their medical, dental, and vision needs. Most significantly, AJR creates a supportive and inspiring environment for its staff, making work much more enjoyable.

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