Happy Thanksgiving: AJR’s Word of Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving: AJR’s Word of Gratitude

The tastiest time of the year has finally come! Happy Thanksgiving, folks. It’s the annual national holiday encompassing the celebration of the blessings and the harvest of the last year. Just imagine how tasty tables at each house get with turkey that immediately melts in the mouth after one bite, red-cheek potatoes, crunchy bread stuffing, invigorating cranberries, and sweet pumpkin pie. Well, it seems like we are getting hungry too soon, so I’d suggest exploring the symbolism of Thanksgiving. What lies at the heart of Thanksgiving are generosity and gratitude. It marks the beginning of a new dream with an appreciation of what people already have. Tradition claims that the holiday was established due to the colonial Pilgrims’ 1621 harvest meal, which marked the date as Thursday of November’s last week. Indeed, an interesting aspect that is explored throughout history is that Thanksgiving marks the start of Christmas shopping, which presidents aimed to lengthen by shifting Thanksgiving one week earlier; evidently, nothing is changed. Still, everyone celebrates Thanksgiving on Thursday of November’s fourth week. Regardless, everyone, including businesses like AJR Trucking, celebrates Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday in November, too. If people thank their friends and family members, AJR thanks its partners and employees alongside customers. 

AJR Trucking is Grateful to its Business Partners

It has been a long journey for AJR as a trucking company to reach the point where it is now. All the achievements that one of the best trucking companies for new drivers has is due to the partnership with USPS. As it is known, AJR Trucking has already partnered with USPS as a trucking company that provides mail hauling services. The partnership is so successful between AJR and USPS that it has already lasted for more than 30 years – a great indicator of professionalism and quality amongst companies in the trucking industry. Being thankful to business partners is an important aspect of business success, as prosperous business paths are a consequence of the dedication and effort that partners put into the business. AJR is grateful to USPS for multiple quality-assurance agreements that have been signed due to USPS, including the Highway Contract Routes (“HCRs”). Due to the agreement, AJR started operating based on fixed pricing for correspondingly set routes. AJR managed to level up the type, quantity, and quality of sustainable trucks it has. AJR, being a sustainability-driven company committed to a sustainable, green business model, with the help of USPS maintains high standards of sustainability. Plus, as a motivator source, USPS motivated AJR to perfect its operation and standards to the point that it is considered one of the best trucking companies in 2021. 


AJR Trucking is Grateful to its Employees

With a tremendous feeling of gratitude to USPS, AJR cannot neglect the stake of its employees in its success. Professional, committed, result-driven, talented, dedicated, and hardworking drivers of AJR Trucking provide the Company the opportunity to represent itself as one of the best trucking companies for new drivers in 2021. AJR is unique due to its high quality and smooth project management and completion procedures that are undertaken by employees of utmost responsibility. Plus, it has a dynamic yet collaborative culture, which makes working in the company a heavenly pleasure. AJR Trucking always displays appreciation and gratefulness towards their employees, especially truck drivers, intending to let them know that they are important and respected within the company. Not to miss the opportunity to thank the staff once again on this special occasion, AJR Trucking is grateful for each employee who contributes daily to the company’s excellence as the top trucking company to work for. Not to mention, as a sign of gratitude and appreciation, AJR Trucking occasionally considers providing its employees financial bonuses, although it thrives towards being a budget trucking company. The Company does not miss an opportunity to make its employees feel appreciated.

AJR Trucking is Grateful to its Customers

Of course, AJR cannot forget its loyal customers who wholeheartedly support the company. Due to you, dear customer, we are getting more popular as the best trucking company in the industry. Indeed, AJR Trucking is grateful to its customers just for showing interest in the Company and staying loyal to it. As we understand that thanks to you, a word often gets spread about AJR and contributes to our promotional efforts, we want to say a special thank you for that one. Throughout years of operation, the Company acknowledged that no matter what trucking industry news reports, no matter what competitors offer, loyal customers of AJR Trucking never leave the company. That’s a point worthy of special acknowledgment, appreciation, and gratefulness. As a sign of recognizing how loyal customers are to AJR Trucking, the Company always sticks to improving customer satisfaction by taking into account customer feedback. Plus, it thrives towards establishing meaningful customer relationships to ensure that the voice of every customer is heard. Thank you, dear customer!

Final Note

As a company following the ideology that success is measured in relationships, AJR is beyond grateful to its business partners, employees, and customers for supporting it on its path to prosperity. AJR has over 30 years of operation, provides excellence in service quality, resourcefulness in operations management, talent and experience in recruitment, displays a commitment to green and sustainable business model and fleet, as well as the capability to appreciate each and every stakeholder involved in the company. Indeed, it would not be enough if AJR Trucking did not have loyal and dedicated business partners like USPS, responsible and professional personnel, as well as loyal customers. This company is a great example of how important all the stakeholders are in business success. 

AJR Trucking wholeheartedly wishes you a happy Thanksgiving! 


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