How to Avoid Fleet Accidents: AJR Has a Guide

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How to Avoid Fleet Accidents: AJR Has a Guide

About 40% of all motor vehicle accidents are work-related, reports the U.S. Bureau of Labor. And trucking companies need to be wary of the data because truck drivers make up a significant part of fatal occupational injuries. Therefore, at AJR, our team of experts has designed a complete guide to avoiding fleet accidents that, hopefully, many stakeholders in the trucking industry will find helpful.

Management commitment is critical for promoting active engagement and compliance with set rules and regulations. In fact, the biggest trucking companies in the U.S. typically support and keep track of their drivers’ fleet safety programs. And many even finance important safety initiatives, which play a role in maintaining truckers safe on the road. Additionally, truck drivers can ensure their safety by sharing their accident experiences and thoughts on managing security with their carriers. 

A professional team of drivers is key to ensuring long-term safety on the road. Therefore, trucking companies should set up crystal-clear hiring standards and a meticulous hiring process to find the best candidates.

Checking driver history is a vital step to achieving this. A driving record tells much about the quality of driving experience, and as a rule of thumb, trucking companies need to make sure their potential employees have gone three years with impressive safety records. In addition, open-ended questions are a valuable tool to have at one’s disposal to identify any violations or accidents during the interview stage that might signal some safety hazards.

Once a team of qualified professionals has been set up, driver performance management becomes a high priority. Having a world-class performance management system is critical to confirm that all fleet members comply with safety rules. A certification system conducted yearly can help achieve this objective.

Some important criteria for driver safety performance check include:

·   A valid driving license

·   Accidents and violations on official reports

·   Customer, public, and team members’ reviews and comments

·   Safety alerts from onboard monitoring mechanisms

·   Medical certification documents

·   Coverage of insurance for employees using private vehicles for business activities

·   Regular monitoring

At AJR, we have a thorough screening process for hiring, which is why many consider us the best trucking company in the U.S.

While experience is crucial, just because someone has been in the business for many years doesn’t necessarily suggest they will make a safe team member. In fact, many truck drivers pick up the essentials of driving as teenagers and go on with very little training over the years. Practical training thus is crucial for ensuring everyone follows vehicle safety systems and safe driving techniques. Incorporating personal training for newcomers and yearly safety education for current employees can help carriers maximize the safety in their teams.

Each person has their very own learning techniques, and thus diversifying the forms of training can help make the study process a lot more exciting and effective. Adults typically prefer short training sessions that are highly interactive and frequent. Trucking company trainers can also promote active sessions by asking participants to share their thoughts and concerns. Needless to say, keeping a positive mindset is essential for gaining the trust of a team.

When it comes to AJR Trucking, our team provides drivers with a conducive environment for working effectively. As a three-time Eagle Spirit Award recipient, we are among the biggest trucking companies in the U.S. that provide our customers and partners with high-quality standards. In addition, having operations as sustainable as equal to planting about 150,000 trees and taking over 1,200 vehicles off the road is why we are the best trucking company to work for those interested in environmental sustainability.

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