How to Go From a Truck Driver to an Owner Operator?

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How to Go From a Truck Driver to an Owner Operator?

It is no secret that the trucking industry has grown into one of the most successful and prominent industries. There is no aspect of the American economy that does not rely on trucking. Not only is trucking responsible for commerce and the transportation of goods, but it also provides such industries as mining, construction, hospitals, and gas stations with necessary supplies and commodities. 

The essence of a truck driving job

Truck drivers are the most vital part of the trucking industry. The responsibility of moving about 70% of the goods in the USA relies on their shoulders. They allow the regional and international trade to stay alive by taking out and bringing in freight and everyday goods. It’s a rewarding choice of the profession that provides income and growth as a professional driver. And in the future, you can consider having your own trucking business with the knowledge you’ve gained from your previous experiences. 

As the future of the trucking industry is highly dependent on drivers, it is important to fill the existing truck driver shortage. There are at least 50,000 empty spaces for the truck driver job. So, if you consider becoming a truck driver with the intention to create your own trucking business later, then some of the best local trucking companies are looking for candidates like you. As the best trucking company to work for, AJR Trucking is a company that is currently offering jobs in the trucking industry.

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The obligations of a truck driver?

As a truck driver, you will have responsibilities such as keeping the vehicle in great shape in preparation for being on the road for many hours. Be ready to drive for many hours and be on the roads quite often, understand the routes, and plan their navigation clearly.

 There might be cases where some unexpected situations such as traffic or bad weather can prevent drivers from getting to their destination on time. So, they’ll also need to know how to adapt to this situation.

In addition to the points mentioned above, they will also need to attentively follow the policies of the trucking company they work for, meet the deadlines of the deliveries, retain the fuel of the truck, and have a basic understanding of how GPS works. 

AJR, one of the best trucking companies, also offers the chance to work as a team driver. Team driving is when two drivers drive the same truck and take shifts. By doing this, they can cross more distances, and complete their delivery obligations more effectively. It also helps fight fatigue and loneliness, common challenges of the much-demanded truck driving job.

What is the average truck driver salary?

According to the trucking industry statistics by Business Insider, there are about 800,000 truck drivers in the US. Together, they earn about $30 billion a year. Depending on how much the driver has held the position, beginners start from $47,000, and more experienced workers get $85,000 throughout a year.

According to the research by Indeed, in California, the average truck driver salary makes up to $74,809 annually. So, if you are looking for a local truck driver job in California, you will find this information useful. 

How can I go from truck driver to investor?

The truck driving industry becomes more competitive every day. It is also in high demand. That is why many truck drivers buy their trucks and become self-employed. After this, they start to take care of insurance, maintenance, and other legal requirements, leading them to create their own trucking company.

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But it’s always better to learn how to become a truck driver first and start with a trucking company, after which you can become self-employed. That way, you will have enough experience to understand the nuances of the industry and be able to operate on your own. 

AJR Trucking can be a great company to start your journey as a truck driver and later become an investor. It provides the options of the best local trucking jobs and also treats every employee with special care. The company values the personal growth of its drivers and treats each of them as an individual. 

As a company that has been in the industry for more than 30 years, it is considered one of the most prominent companies that closely cooperates with USPS (United States Postal Service). Due to its many years of experience, it easily manages to meet the needs and deadlines of its clients. This is why AJR Trucking is considered the best trucking company that provides the most convenient local truck driver jobs in Los Angeles. One more advantage of this company is that it follows sustainability and uses renewable sources of energy for its vehicles. 

After you have established your career as a truck driver, with the average truck driver salary, you will be able to save money and buy a truck for yourself. The next step for becoming an investor can be working with a broker. A broker’s only job is to connect you with shippers and move freight fast. You make the rest of the decisions and have complete control over your spending. This includes maintenance and repairs, as well as purchasing your permits, tags, and insurance.

If you see you are getting good at managing one truck, you can buy others. At this stage, you will have to find excellent drivers and establish a trustworthy relationship with them, so they continue working for you. Then you will enter the market of the competitive trucking business and grow your company.

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