How to Start a Trucking Company in the US: Tips Based on a Real Story of a Nurse that Became a Truck Driver

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How to Start a Trucking Company in the US: Tips Based on a Real Story of a Nurse that Became a Truck Driver

Get to Know the Whole Mechanism of a Trucking Business” article discussed the overall logic behind starting a trucking company; there is no concrete information on how exactly one can take up an establishment of a trucking company. In the simple sense, to start a business, especially a trucking company, it is of utmost significance to have everything planned into phases of development. These phases of development usually consist of preparation, business plan, legal compliance, financial resources, business licenses and permits, fleet acquisition, customer acquisition, employee acquisition, specialization of road infrastructure, management, and operations, and endless procedures of monitoring, maintenance, and improvement to minimize the probability of failure. 

This all seems logical and standard, but still, does know this solves every possible issue connected with the establishment of the business? Of course not! These phases of development are the primary ones crucial to establishing the best trucking company. You can still visit different trucking companies’ websites, i.e., AJR Trucking, and go over their business departments. But other than these, there are psychological and life-related tricks and tips that are never spoken about. Thinking of starting a business and starting a business, in reality, are two drastically different things. One can love the idea of starting a business but end up leaving the industry when starting it in reality. To keep you away from such occurrences, real-life-based tips and tricks need to be given out for you to see the upcoming invisible obstacles that may come your way when starting a trucking business.

To make everything as transparent and simple as possible, all the tips and tricks that you will read in this article are based upon the analysis of the recent trending story of a nurse who became a truck driver without being afraid of losing herself in her own journey. The story showcases a drastic change in a profession and is closely related to the trucking business. Accordingly, the in-depth secrets of how to become a part of the trucking industry are hidden in that particular story. So, let’s start the discovery. 

Find Your Passion in the Trucking Industry

When someone is not into his or her profession, being successful in it is almost impossible. When an individual doesn’t fit the job, that person just gets stuck in the field for some reason. Reasons vary, ranging from financial, i.e., salary, to personal, i.e., self-disbelief of not being able to achieve success in life. If you are stuck in that profession for decades and still haven’t got any results,  it’s a sign that you need to change the field of work. Always keep in mind that the job you do should not feel like a job; it should become your daily routine bringing you profit. The main character of the nurse truck driver’s story, Leah Gorham, was stuck in her profession for too long. However, she found the strength and willpower to find her place in this world in the trucking industry. When telling her story, she emphasized her passion for trucks. 

She pointed out that she has always had an interest in the job. For her passion and interest in the industry, she managed to take the position she wanted. So, if you feel like opening your trucking business just because of your passion for the trucking industry, just take the opportunity without a second thought. 

See Beyond the Monetary Value

The well-paid profession of a nurse increases over time. However, Leah Gorham didn’t settle for it also for her personal reasons. What she did was go for the job of a truck driver without even knowing how to drive a truck. She invested time, effort, and money in her practical education of truck driving to be in the industry she loves and has a big interest in. Who knows, maybe as a starting truck driver, her salary won’t be much, but she took the risk because she loves that job; she loves her job. 

When entering an entirely new field, ensure that you do it not primarily for money but because you want it. Going for something just by seeing its monetary value and nothing beyond will eventually drain you and make the field uninteresting for you. Especially if we are talking about starting a trucking business, you should never rely on its monetary value. Imagine if Leah Gorham relied on the standard truck driver salary that Google shows. She would definitely leave her job instantly but would also face the reality of making much less in the beginning. So, make sure that you see beyond the monetary value that the trucking business will eventually bring you before getting into the trucking industry. For your reference, even one of the top trucking companies for new drivers, AJR Trucking, always preaches to its applicants to go for the job wholeheartedly, not just for the salary. Even truck drivers’ average salary that Google displays will fluctuate, but passion should always be there to keep the gear moving. 

Signify Employee Appreciation

Even though Leah Gorham went for the job of a truck driver because of her passion and interest in the field, the trucking news reported that she wasn’t content with her previous work and study experience, as well as workplace culture. She mentioned in her interview that her poor experience with medical education institutes and medical workplaces was another reason to quit her profession. She had been passionate about becoming a professional nurse; however, she started disliking that idea when she got rejected by the medical education institutes she applied to multiple times. Then, she encountered many problems in the workplace, i.e., staffing shortages, employee disrespect, job dissatisfaction, job insecurity, and many more. All these contributed to her overall disappointment from the profession she initially chose. Instead, what she loved in the other working environment is the employee appreciation culture, factors that add to job satisfaction and security of a truck driver, and the ongoing availability of job openings for truck drivers. Even when a wave of driver shortage becomes prevalent in the trucking industry, and trucking industry statistics openly show rising trends for unemployment, companies start fighting it instead of nourishing it. She noted that the number one criteria for a company to be the best trucking company to work for is the strong presence of an employee appreciation culture. It is of utmost importance to make your employees know that they are respected, appreciated, and supported within the workplace they thrive daily. 

When opening a trucking business, take how Leah Gorham felt about work and study experience alongside workplace culture as an example. Based on her experience, try to develop a company that makes employee appreciation culture a priority. In that case, your company may become the best trucking company for new drivers, like AJR Trucking is now. Try to foster a company culture that is not only about getting the work done for money but is all about respecting one another, appreciating milestone achievements, and perceiving work as a life routine to enjoy. That is when your trucking business will succeed and get on the path of being the best trucking company. 

Be Your Own Motivation, Inspiration, and Support

Although Leah Gorham had a strong interest in the truck driver profession, the influence of her boyfriend, a truck driver, has always pushed her to look forward to the trucking industry. He wanted her to join him on the road. Here, notice an important facet that is a plus in such a drastic, risky change in life; Leah Gorham had someone by her side who pushed her towards the change. Having someone by your side as a supporter is of utmost importance. But, please, note that if you are your only supporter and believer, just go for it! At the end of the day, everyone is responsible for the life they choose by themselves, and no one else has to have a stake in it. 

When going for something risky and drastic, you need to be your own motivation, inspiration, and support. It is an advantage if you have another motivation, inspiration, and support by your side, but you should be your main one. Otherwise, at some point in your own journey, you will stop believing in your success and leave the project you started, and maybe at that time, you’d leave your key to success and happiness. You should realize that starting a trucking business can lead to ultimate success, but at first, you need to accept yourself as your own motivation, inspiration, and support for the long journey ahead of you. When you do so and start with that self-believing spirit, your company will have all the chances to become the best trucking company to start with for those who want a truck driver job in the industry. 

Final Note

Of course, taking up all the legal and technical procedures to establish a trucking business is essential. Everyone knows that without those procedures, no company can get started. If you go to the previous articles and stay tuned for the upcoming ones, you will uncover everything about the legal and technical procedures necessary to have the best trucking company in the US. But before that, make sure that starting a trucking business is your passion; you see beyond its monetary value, you signify fostering a culture where employee appreciation is a priority, and you have yourself as motivation, inspiration, and support.

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