Nine Essential Facts About the Lifestyle of a Truck Driver

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Nine Essential Facts About the Lifestyle of a Truck Driver

Different sectors of the American economy rely on the trucking industry for quick, easy, and secure delivery of products throughout the country. Trucking transports much more cargo than trains, ships, or aircraft. Without trucks, those products could never get from rail yards, ports, or airports to their final destinations. The US economy would stand at a standstill if the trucking industry went out of business.

70% of the freight transportation across America is done through trucking. More than 3.5 million people work as professional truck drivers, but due to the industry’s rapid growth, there is still an existing truck driver shortage. This is why the industry needs new drivers to join. But what is it like to be a truck driver?

Why Truck Drivers Are Important

Truck drivers deliver materials and goods throughout the country, as well as from ports to manufacturers and back. They use different types of vehicles, such as semi-trucks, 18-wheelers, and many more.

Truck drivers don’t work the typical “nine to five” job. Their working hours might change regularly, employment locations aren’t fixed, and it requires constant traveling – sometimes even across the country, having to face bad weather and poor road conditions. 

Most truck drivers begin their careers as Over The Road (OTR) drivers, which requires spending two to three weeks away from home.  After some time in the profession, their working hours become more flexible, and they are able to visit their homes every week.

As a truck driver, you can even go on to start your own trucking business

Many others develop relationships with other drivers or become partners in an existing trucking company.

It’s important to remember that truck drivers are the backbone of the country’s economy. There would be an extreme shortage of all the necessary commodities and basic items in society as every sector would run out of them. Truck drivers keep the economy running with their restless work. 

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What’s Life Like for Truck Drivers?

Now that we understand how vital truck drivers are in our daily lives, what is life like for a truck driver? What do you need to have to become a truck driver? It’s an intriguing profession, so let’s start with 9 basic facts regarding the truck driver lifestyle

Truck Drivers Start Their Days Early

If you’re the sort of truck driver who loves to “travel by day and relax by night,” you could start your day early in the morning. Driving at night, especially in bad weather, is challenging, so taking a rest makes sense. Besides, getting up early provides you plenty of time to cover long distances and stay on track. After all, it is your responsibility to arrange your route so you don’t miss any delivery deadlines.

Truck Drivers Earn a Competitive Salary

The average truck driver salary in the United States is $60,500. Some drivers can make as much as $75,000 per year, with a maximum of $1,05,000, which is a pretty competitive wage. 

Of course, distance plays a key role in the amount of salary the drivers will get. For example, the average local truck driver salary, which requires 10-14 hours of driving per day, is $56,748 annually in the United States.

Truck Drives Make More Money The More They Drive

As already mentioned above, distance plays a major role in the amount of money truck drivers make. There are three types of truck drivers depending on the distance they’re driving; regional, OTR (over the road), or a local driver. OTR drivers earn the most, with salaries beginning at $55,000. The local truck driver salary is $0.43-$0.66 per mile, while regional drivers are paid $0.37 to $0.55 per mile. 

Truck Drivers Have Fixed Working Hours 

Truck driver jobs require taking 34 hours off duty after working for 70 hours over an eight-day period. The most that they are allowed to drive in a day is 11 hours. After completing those hours, they must take a 10-hour break. 

Work and Travel 

One of the perks of becoming a truck driver is the opportunity to travel and explore new locations. You can view other highways and cities you have never been to before. And if you decide to become a truck driver in the United States, you’ll get to learn more about all the various parts of the country while you work your job.

Taking Long Roads

Every year, you would travel 1,25,000 miles on average, which is equivalent to 2,500 miles a week or 500 kilometers every day. If driving is one of your hobbies and keeps you relaxed, then truck driving will be fun for you. 

Having the Chance to Build a Strong Network

In the beginning, you’d spend more time at truck stops than at home. You’d also meet your fellow countrymen and women from around the USA. For the drivers, it becomes like a second family.

You’d be able to learn a lot from your colleagues and seniors. The sense of community the drivers and other employees create is essential for the best trucking company

You Don’t Need Higher Education To Become a Truck Driver 

The truck driving job only has a lower education requirement. A high school diploma or document with similar value is enough to start a career as a truck driver. 

You’ll Need to Take Good Care of Your Health

Another aspect of the truck driver’s lifestyle is the responsibility to maintain excellent health. Bring along ready-to-eat foods, fruits, and veggies. Follow a few basic workouts made for truck drivers. Avoid having junk food and soda and replace them with plenty of water. 

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What Is The Best Trucking Company For a New Driver?

If you want to pursue a career in truck driving and have learned what kind of lifestyle a truck driver can have, it is time to find out more about the best trucking company for new drivers. AJR Trucking can be the ideal candidate for that.

As a company that values and respects its workers, we promise an engaging atmosphere where every employee enjoys their work. Additionally, we conduct various training for our employees to help them learn more about their profession. 

AJR Trucking has been cooperating with USPS (United States Postal Service) for 30 years and has become its trusted partner. Throughout all these years, we have learned how to manage projects with any level of difficulty, whether simple or complex. 

We’re one of the few companies in California that follows a sustainable business model. We exclusively use near-zero emission truck types and renewable natural gas as fuel. 

To demonstrate the quality of the services AJR Trucking offers, we are proud to say that our company has won The Eagle Spirit Award three times. 

All these qualities and the welcoming atmosphere toward new workers make AJR the best trucking company to start with. Especially if you’re looking for a local truck driver job in California, you should contact AJR Trucking at (310) 707-1120 and join our team of creative and inspiring professionals. 

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