Overexploitation of Truck Drivers? Certainly not in AJR Trucking!

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Overexploitation of Truck Drivers? Certainly not in AJR Trucking!

In 2019, the US freight trucking industry made up about $792 billion, reports Statista. Therefore, it is no wonder that such a highly profitable economy sector appeals to more and more employees. However, news popped up where a large number of truck drivers were disappointed with their working conditions. Will there ever be a solution to the growing demand for employee appreciation? Read on to see the current situation for many truck drivers and what steps they can take to boost their working conditions!

Truck Drivers Worldwide Call for Improved Working Conditions

On August 27, news emerged that thousands of Toll truck drivers took to the streets to protest against the working conditions of the carrier. Wondering how such a reputable transport company could disappoint its employees? According to the protestors, the company is being ‘Uberised’ as the management switches to hiring casual workers rather than permanent employees. Just imagine, what would you do if you suddenly had to get paid project-based? Moreover, among the top concerns, some of the protestors mentioned insecurity due to short-term contracts.

What’s more? Truck drivers point to the increasing number of workplace accidents in the trucking business. Recent statistics suggest that more people die in trucking companies than in any other transport sector. “With 205 workers killed on our roads in the last five years, truck driving is Australia’s deadliest industry,” Michele O’Neil, the Australian Council of Trade Unions President, told 9news.

But Toll drivers believe that the company’s new initiative will aggravate their safety conditions. It goes without saying that if the drivers’ worries come true, the lucrative trucking jobs might soon become undesirable.

How’s The Situation in The US?

Things aren’t any better in the United States. As Juan Carlos Giraldo, a US resident, says – his workdays aren’t as exciting as before. Long waits are guaranteed for Giraldo as his carrier doesn’t report him when a shipment will be ready for loading. Moreover, he has to get the necessary insurance on goods and the truck on his own as his company doesn’t cover them. In addition, spending $300-$400 each week on average on fuel expenses, Giraldo further complains about his overall profit. Moreover, from having no disability benefits to having to cover his family’s health insurance by himself, there’re indeed solid reasons behind Giraldo’s frustration.

Join AJR Now for a Seamless Trucking Experience!

Among the best trucking companies, AJR trucking has its unique position for many reasons. Overall, AJR takes practical steps to ensure that its employees work in a conducive environment that has everything necessary to be productive.

As appeared in trucking news, AJR Trucking has received the prestigious Eagle Spirit Award, the 3rd in their collection. This certainly attests to the company’s commitment to providing its employees with world-class working conditions.

AJR claims that among the local trucking companies, they’re the best one in Los Angeles. Are you passionate about environmental matters? Joining AJR’s exciting team of truck drivers, you will be contributing to making the trucking industry a sustainable business by reducing your carbon footprint each day.

Is salary important to your job satisfaction? With AJR Trucking, you will receive a highly competitive salary that gives you peace of mind to achieve personal and professional fulfillment.

But what if you look for employee benefits? A key goal at AJR is to make their employees feel at home. Luckily, they see the realization of an employee’s potential as an indicator of their success as a company. That’s why they’ve designed an impressive employee benefits program!

The Bottom Line

Today many truck drivers experience exploitation at the workplace. Fortunately, there’s a solution. With AJR Trucking, you’ll not only enjoy various employee benefits, but you’ll also earn a competitive salary in an environment that fosters self-actualization.

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