Recognition: Buddy Acup

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Recognition: Buddy Acup

Buddy Acup has worked with AJR Trucking for 5 years. As General Manager of AJR Trucking Inc., Buddy is responsible for overseeing operations and ensuring the satisfaction of our customer, the US Postal Service, by ensuring the assignment and coverage of all contract runs. Buddy supervises over 200+ employees covering the western U.S.

Most notably, Buddy and his team successfully rolled out and optimized contract 948AE, a sizable contract with a footprint in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Contract 948AE is just one of many Postal Contracts launched under Buddy’s direction. In addition to AJR postal contracts, Buddy also positioned AJR’s sister company, United States Logistics Group, to service Amazon. His next challenge is optimizing Santa Barbara and Petaluma DRO contracts 945L2, 930AL, and 930BL.

The routing and scheduling of trips in DRO contracts are headed into a dynamic optimization state, which means the transportation team will need to plan for day to day changes. Unlike the old static routing, where we expected identical trips week over week, DRO will provide cost savings to USPS by consolidating trips.

Good luck with your new projects, Buddy! Thank you for all you do!

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