Start Your Successful Career at AJR Trucking

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Start Your Successful Career at AJR Trucking

Forget about unemployment as AJR Trucking recruits! Even though many may question the profitability, security, and prospect of a career, even at the best trucking company to start with, it is one of the most profitable, secure, and prospective career paths to take today. Especially if we talk about AJR Trucking, one of the top trucking companies for new drivers, there is no doubt that your career path with us will be successful.

All About AJR Trucking

As USPS’s Contract Carrier for over 30 years, AJR has already specialized in delivering and fully satisfying customer needs nationwide. The company’s success is due to its agile, high-quality, and resourceful project management and completion proficiency. Plus, not every trucking business applies attention to detail in every business sector, including workforce, fleet, service delivery, etc. Even compared to the biggest trucking companies in the US, AJR stands as a singular one that carefully oversees recruitment processes, choice of the fleet, and service delivery process management practices. 

However, all these wouldn’t be possible without AJR’s expertise in the US trucking industry and keenness towards data collection and sharing practices in cooperation with the US Postal Service. Such a concentration on data collection and sharing practices grow company expertise and strengthens business ties – an important indicator of the company’s success. Given the history of the trucking industry, AJR is one of the few trucking companies that prioritize the workforce. As a result, AJR Trucking is always ahead and innovating, thanks to its agile company culture. With this progressive approach, the company aims to eexpand beyond 60 clean trucks without compromising quality and safety

AJR aims to revolutionize the trucking industry without any compromise of quality promised both to employees and customers. There is no possibility of sustaining employees within a company culture that promotes practices like environmental sustainability and employee appreciation without quality. Yes, a green business model within a healthy, respectful company culture is what AJR Trucking is all about.

The Main Drivers of AJR’s Success

Excellence in Service 

As the 14th largest USPS mail hauler, AJR Trucking is an example of a trucking company delivering service excellence. Alongside providing a plethora of services, including roadside service, cost control management, dispatch operations, safety monitoring, and many more, AJR manages to maintain quality and punctuality to satisfy customer needs. To explain how well AJR performs in service delivery, it is worthy to note that the company has won the Eagle Spirit Award three times in a row – an award that only the best trucking business could have won. But, all this wouldn’t be possible without a professional workforce who do their job with pleasure to make money – a dream come true! Thanks to the combination of skilled workforce and service quality, AJR completes the project promptly without compromising quality. The strategy that aids the professional crew to maintain the quality within the company is crafted based on the choice of dispatch operations’ location, safe operating practices, purchasing ability optimization, and timely equipment maintenance. All of this summed up together gives the excellence in service that the best trucking company for new drivers strives towards.

Responsibility and Respect in Recruitment

Assumedly, the professional workforce cannot be recruited only as a result of job openings. The company needs smart, responsible, and respective recruitment practices to ensure that the personnel is properly trained according to company standards has a great understanding of the company culture and is driven towards success regardless of circumstances. This is precisely how AJR Trucking works. AJR keenly chooses each employee based on the strict company standards it has. Afterward, it conducts constant training to maintain the professionalism of the personnel and keep each employee up-to-date with industry trends. Then, it strives towards showing employees that each of them is respected, appreciated, and valued in the company. The last practice of employee appreciation has a special place in this trucking business because we believe that valued employees always achieve success in their careers. 

Most importantly, AJR Trucking doesn’t only signify professional development and appraisal but also personal growth. Every talent at AJR always shines in the engaging working routine because each employee is considered an individual with a unique personality that always has room for growth. Signifying professionalism and personality simultaneously takes employees to a successful career path that eventually brings the entire company to success. Indeed, AJR never forgets about employees’ financial situation and ensures good trucking rates to provide monetary motivation, alongside a spiritual one, to each and every employee. 


AJR Trucking gives utmost importance to sustainability to the extent that people call it an energy-saving trucking company in California. The green business model that AJR Trucking sustains allows the company to fuel high-quality trucks with renewable natural gas. This gives the company the opportunity to provide operations as sustainable as planting 149,778 trees, eliminating 2,097 metric tons of GHG Emissions, and removing 1,235 cars off the road. By the way, these numbers are ongoingly growing indicating that AJR Trucking would never stop taking sustainability as a key aspiration.

Final Note

For you to imagine how successful your career can be crafted with us, three of our truck drivers shared their opinion. In the words of Arturo M., “Great company to work for, new 2020 trucks, and the best part – they have set routes. They are contracted with the US Post Office, which means a steady job throughout the whole year.” Another employee, Ray M., mentions, “I enjoy working here at AJR because of the people I deal with on a day-to-day basis. I am looking forward to growing with AJR Trucking and working with Management and employees to ensure it remains one of the top mail contractors around.” While Jeffrey O. notes, “Great company to be part of! Benefits, pay & equipment are great. AJR trucking being contracted with USPS has given me the comfort of knowing I’ll always have work to provide for my family.” 

Take your chance of taking your position at the best trucking jobs available at AJR Trucking now through our website.  

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