The Company You Are Looking For: AJR Trucking

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The Company You Are Looking For: AJR Trucking

Quality, time sensitivity, and professionalism are the three competitive aspects of AJR Trucking. Few companies set goals based on the fundamental idea of striving to do their best on a daily basis. AJR is one of those. Being a USPS partner for over 3 decades. AJR accomplished to master discipline towards delivering the highest quality service possible on time by providing mail hauling services for its partner. What AJR values in the framework of its company culture and as a company with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is sustainability. On the Company website, there are statistics displaying the value of the Company’s operations represented in terms of sustainable actions like planting trees (in numbers), reducing CO2, and recycling vehicles. These statistics are being updated daily, which means that their service brings value to its consumers and the planet on a daily basis.

Besides signifying sustainability, AJR represents drivers at the core of its success. Expert recruitment for the creation of the best staff is vital for AJR as they put a huge emphasis on the effective performance of drivers. AJR takes care of the work environment and job incentives to keep the staff motivated and goal-oriented to make drivers perform their work perfectly. A great indicator of successful and high-quality employment practices is the Eagle Spirit Award that AJR won three times in a row. Benefits & incentives that come while working with AJR include a competitive salary, eco-friendly environment, and many more! As Jack Khudikyan, the Vice President of the trucking company, mentions, “AJR Trucking values the talents and abilities of our employees and seeks to foster a cooperative and dynamic environment in which employees and the company alike can thrive.” From the first outlook, AJR is the prime trucking Company for service delivery and employment. What if we dig deeper to ensure why exactly AJR gives such an impression? Let’s go!

AJR Delivers The Best Services

Dispatch operations, roadside service, safety monitoring, driver compliance, cost control management, delivery status update for customers, and many more are delivered by AJR to its customers. These may seem a lot at once, but AJR knows how to handle the delivery of such a variety of services in a high-quality and timely manner. Being on time with every project and still delivering the best work possible and impossible – AJR knows how to do this, for sure! The fact that AJR is the 14th largest mail hauler for the USPS for already 3 decades says a lot about the trucking Company. Throughout these years, it gained the knowledge and expertise in the field to manage its focus on a few things to deliver the best service possible. That is to say that it came to the conclusion of emphasizing workforce & service quality, personnel’s constant availability, and financial stability over other aspects. Different things can work for various companies; AJR went for these as priorities. 

How Does AJR Deliver The Best Services?

Of course, doing what AJR does perfectly is of utmost difficulty. Years of competence say everything. However, there are a couple of aspects of the best trucking companies that make the delivery of the best services possible. Not to think that we open up everything about AJR, let me mention that achieving all of this is really hard as it requires dedication, time, and expertise. So, opening up these mini-secrets is not threatful for the Company as these can be listed as competitive advantages almost impossible to imitate. To cut it short, one of the keys to the best service delivery for AJR is the location of dispatch operations. Why does the location matter? AJR’s dispatch operations are located at the home office enabling the trucking Company to be constantly in touch with the drivers. All the other services automatically benefit from this because it provides quick scheduling of roadside services, driver compliance, safety monitoring, and status updates of deliveries for the customers. Apart from the location of dispatch operations, AJR keeps a keen eye on its safe operating practices, truck & equipment timely maintenance, and purchasing ability optimization. From these analyses, it becomes evident that their primary advantages are cost control and 24/7 dispatch operations. Without those, they won’t be capable of being the best in their work.

Join AJR Worth It!

All the things mentioned above correspond to reality – that’s for sure. Imagine how the quality of life will amplify if you become a part of all the perks discussed above? High-quality project management & completion create a smooth working process; indeed, AJR also takes care of its employees. Constant training to keep the staff expertise & professionalism alongside an apt appreciation of each and every employee makes people of the trucking Company feel valued. Of course, it is not an easy task to be recruited by the HR of AJR, but as long as you are willing to become the candidate meeting their strict standards, are talented, and have a unique personality, then you are welcome to AJR! Respect, appreciation, and personal space – three things of utmost importance for the work to turn into a dream job. Apart from professionalism, AJR aims at bringing each and every employee to a state that they are themselves, no matter what. The Company thinks that only in that case the staff is capable of going towards the accomplishment of their goals without stressing themselves out and without wanting to quit the job they love & do – isn’t AJR the best trucking company for new drivers? You have the opportunity to open up as a professional and still be you with AJR! Don’t miss the opportunity!

Final Note

AJR is not just a USPS Contact Carrier; it is more than that! A trucking Company that appreciates its workers, values them, and always wants to keep their professionalism at the highest level possible alongside delivering services to customers in a high-quality and timely manner is a dream to join! This is to say that AJR is one of the best trucking companies that crafts company culture by emphasizing things that are important not only on a professional but also personal level. Being professional but maintaining that tiny space for personal expression is essential these days. AJR signifies that better than anyone!

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