The Top Criteria Defining the Best Trucking Company

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The Top Criteria Defining the Best Trucking Company

Being the best in the industry is difficult. Especially, if it concerns trucking companies, being the best trucking company amongst the huge competition is challenging. Indeed, professionals in the field like AJR Trucking can uncover the top criteria defining one as the best trucking company. However, the path that these companies took for identifying the criteria encompasses months of research. Instead of going for lengthy research, what I suggest is to read through the article and catch the criteria that make the company the best in the industry. 

Environmental Sustainability 

It has been quite a long time since environmental sustainability became the focus of each and every business. As anticipated, trucking businesses have been pioneers in undertaking that aspect into the company’s priorities. Considering that the trucking industry signifies corporate social responsibility for each trucking business, environmental sustainability has already been inclusive for companies as a part of CSR. However, it recently got separated from the whole concept of CSR and gained separate value in terms of defining the best trucking company to drive for. Yes, being sustainable is one of the keys to being the best trucking company to work for. Indeed, sustainability is not just an image that a company totes, it is the course of actions that a company implements. For instance, a sustainable company always takes care of the number of cars on the roads which directly impacts the accumulation of CO2 in the air that threatens nature and human health. Or, a sustainable company always takes into consideration the wasteful consequences of each operation and works towards minimizing the harm to the environment.

To illustrate, AJR Trucking voices out that it is a sustainable trucking company undertaking operations with minimum harm and bringing good to the environment. Is it true? Turns out, yes. On their website, it is clearly shown that their operations are so sustainable that they are equal to planting 149,778 trees, eliminating 2,097 metric tons of GHG emissions, and removing 1,235 cars off the road. Results should talk about the company’s priorities!

Employee Appreciation 

Would you work at a company that undervalues its employees and does not give them the respect, appreciation, and recognition they deserve? The answer is evident. Accordingly, top trucking companies for new drivers prioritize employee appreciation. There is no doubt that the success of a trucking company lies in the physical and mental health of each employee. Imagine how many miles each trucking driver goes every time, how much effort is put in delivering the cargo on time, how many things, such as family time, get sacrificed for the work trip every day! Even though all these are usually responsibilities and should be taken normally, appreciating these would uplift motivation and improve job quality – important indicators of company progress and success. Employees need to be respected, appreciated and recognized for the greater good they bring to the world, especially if we talk about truck drivers. Companies like AJR Trucking put a strong emphasis on employee appreciation practices and constantly develop those. One of the ways of showing that employees matter in AJR is providing compatible salaries so that each employee can tell that he/she has the best paying trucking job. 

Quality Equipment

If we are talking about being the best trucking company, especially in the US, then quality equipment is the number one criteria to attract workers and customers. Yes, people appreciate quality in equipment as much as they do appreciate quality in service. For a prosperous US trucking company, it is of utmost importance to ensure that its workers will get quality equipment and no operation will get interrupted because of equipment malfunction. Because this criterion is of such significance, the biggest trucking companies in the US like AJR Trucking make sure that equipment is in compliance with all the quality standards. For you to imagine, Jack Khudikyan, the Vice President of AJR states, “We plan to hold onto these trucks for their entire life cycle, so what’s important to us is durability, reliability, and comfort. The T680 is a powerful truck, and it’s built to last. We’re excited to begin operation, and so are our drivers. This is just the start.” Such statements impress and actions taken by the company prove the impression. 

Customer Care

Like in the service sector, the trucking industry always emphasizes customer care. It would have been out of logic to put customers second and prioritize other aspects that the company encompasses. Customers are external but central stakeholders of the company’s success and their voice should be heard first. No matter whether the company prioritizes B2B or B2C, it is important to listen to the customer. The biggest trucking companies in the US occasionally ensure that their actions align with their customer’s voices. 

Does your company integrate new equipment into the business because customers need it? Does your company add a route into its job schedule because there is a demand? If these questions and similar ones have the answer “yes”, then your company is on the path to success. In the case of AJR Trucking, customers matter the most because they are the  “drivers” of the business. Occasional customer surveys, focus group experiments, and similar procedures help the company sustain the balance between implementing internal and external opinions on the company strategy. 

Final Note

Well, well, turns out that environmental sustainability, employee appreciation, quality equipment, and customer care comprise the formula to be the best trucking company in the industry. Without lengthy research, you have got the answer. By following trucking news you can also encounter novelties in the industry that will keep you ahead in competition if you combine it with the knowledge the article just gave. 

Companies like AJR Trucking may stand as an example that being the best is, indeed, possible. 

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