The Ultimate Guide to How the Trucking Industry Works

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The Ultimate Guide to How the Trucking Industry Works

The US trucking industry transports the majority of domestic overland freight, with the sector in 2019 being worth 791.7 billion US dollars. In fact, starting from 2017, profit rates have been consistently increasing. Therefore, while many entrepreneurs consider starting a trucking business, many people begin appreciating the various opportunities in the industry and apply for jobs. Needless to say, it is essential to get a good grasp of how multiple elements operate in the trucking industry to identify opportunities in the sector.

What is the Importance of the Trucking Industry?

Generally speaking, trucking can be defined as a service industry. And while many might assume that a trucking business must necessarily make up a large fleet, in fact, there are tons of trucking companies that have a single truck and single driver.

In terms of the economy, there is always going to be a need to transport goods and products from one location to another. While many people simply undervalue trucking jobs, the industry is a vital contributor to the US economy. About 70% of freight in the United States is moved by trucks. In addition, 80% of American communities depend upon the trucking sector with regard to the delivery of everyday goods, from medicine to food.

The first economic contribution of trucks is obviously the delivery of raw materials to producers. For example, many trucking companies receive freight from farms and mines and transport the goods and products to manufacturers, who in turn use them for production.

Rules and Regulations

Today, trucking service providers have to pay special taxes and possess specific permits from the state government and the federal one. Additionally, rules also apply to truck drivers who need to have CDLs (Commercial Driver’s License) and permits such as HazMat (Hazardous Materials) certification. When it comes to truck drivers that need to haul dangerous substances, participation in particular pieces of training is required before they receive permission to operate.

The Political Side of Trucking

In terms of trucking industry news, the sector boasts the largest (84%) of the total revenue in the transport sector, reports Business Insider. Excitingly, trucking rates make up about $650 billion on a yearly basis, and the figure is predicted to grow as more and more people join trucking companies as employees. Because of the massive size and importance of the industry, federal and state governments have come up with various laws and regulations that manage the operations of trucking in America. For example, some laws prohibit truck drivers from using certain roads to ensure public safety. In addition, other regulations aim at ensuring that truck drivers get adequate rest before getting on the road. Besides, other laws require truck drivers to drive at a slower speed.

Therefore, many stakeholders in the trucking industry have realized that collective action can be very effective in terms of boosting the public image of trucking. By working together, truckers are able to establish practices and industry standards that best serve their interests. American Trucking Associations, for example, boast a very powerful representation in politics.

Join AJR Trucking Now

AJR Trucking occupies a solid place among the best trucking company to work for. At AJR, not only are trucking projects managed and executed with much professionalism but also the staff of the company goes through various training on a constant basis that best serves their professional needs. Through practical pieces of training, AJR Trucking ensures that its employees meet the high-quality standards set within the company and are on the right track to providing clients with world-class services.

AJR Trucking, in addition, approaches the recruitment process with much attention to detail as it strives to see everyone thrive within the company and exceed their very own expectations with regard to personal and professional growth. While the transportation company indeed requires its staff to meet high standards, AJR, at its core, appreciates the talents and unique personalities of its employees. It goes without saying that no employee ever feels uncomfortable cooperating with AJR because of the level of respect the company expresses toward its employees on a regular basis.

AJR Trucking is arguably the best trucking company in the United States also through its collaborative and dynamic company culture. Needless to say, AJR’s environment is very conducive to achieving professional objectives considering that the company motivates its staff to achieve maximum productivity while ensuring that their working experience goes as smoothly as possible. In addition, the professional conduct of job responsibilities never goes unnoticed at AJR Trucking. The company much prioritizes demonstrating appreciation toward its high-achieving employees as a symbol of respect.

One thing that AJR Trucking works on regularly is unleashing the very own selves of its employees to a level that they are totally comfortable with being themselves. It goes without saying that it is only through actualizing oneself that an employee is able to concentrate on achieving company goals and objectives. This is what makes AJR Trucking a unique and influential stakeholder in the trucking sector, where competition between companies is so fierce. All in all, one can note that professionalism and personality are the two essential things that AJR Trucking will never compromise for anything. These characteristics are what make AJR’s working routine active yet very engaging.

The Future of Trucking Industry

AJR Trucking invests heavily in purchasing state-of-the-art technology. In addition, through its environmentally friendly fuel choices, AJR was able to conduct operations equal to eliminating 2,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Recently, the company has opened an RNG fueling station in Compton, California, further promoting a green economy across America.

Excitingly, the carrier plans to boost the eco-friendly representation in its fleet by purchasing 70 more Kenworth T680s. “We plan to hold onto these trucks for their entire life cycle, so what’s important to us is durability, reliability, and comfort. The T680 is a powerful truck, and it’s built to last. We’re excited to begin operation, and so are our drivers. This is just the start,” says Jack Khudikyan, the Vice President of AJR Trucking.


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