Tips and Tricks: How to Find and Hire Professional Truck Drivers

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Tips and Tricks: How to Find and Hire Professional Truck Drivers

The success of a trucking company depends on multiple factors like professionalism, strategic planning, management styles, and much more. In your opinion, which factor matters the most if we are talking about a trucking company? If you have just answered the workforce, take a deep breath, sit comfortably and get ready to go through a literary ride about why the staff matters the most. But before digging into that, let me tell you that for the workforce to make a difference for the company, especially one operating in the trucking industry, the recruitment procedures should be detailed and professional. 

Hiring Professional Truck Drivers is Crucial These Days

According to trucking news, the American Trucking Association, driver shortage in the trucking industry is one of the most significant issues touching upon the topic of finding and hiring a professional truck driver. For you to imagine the magnitude of such a shortage, the trucking industry in the US is already in need of 900,000 truck drivers. This is a considerable number that simply cannot be ignored for two reasons; the first reason is that long-term consequences can be overwhelming and impossible to handle, while the second reason is that recruiting such a large number of professionals requires budget and skills. To bypass such a complicated situation, effective driver recruitment practices are being adopted by the industry’s best companies to work for, like AJR Trucking.  

What professionals offer is:

  • Shortlisting values and qualities that fit your company
  • Sustain the average truck driver salary with corresponding bonus packages 
  • Maintain the company spirit alongside truck driver average salary
  • Keep expectations about truck driver jobs real and clear
  • Conduct effective onboarding and training as if your company is the best truck company for new drivers

Sometimes trucking news reports that several companies go bankrupt or fail to retain employees. Indeed, these companies lack the knowledge of effective recruitment strategies that should be followed up by correct retention strategies. To tackle the main recruitment procedure, let’s see the top three tips and tricks that will guarantee you success with candidates applying to the best-paying trucking jobs. 

#1 Driver-centric Marketing

When looking for an advertisement featuring a job posting for trucking jobs, a professional truck driver looks for something that will talk to his or her soul. Such people always look for something that will ensure good treatment at the workplace with a caring staff, professional management,a  reasonable truck driver salary, and apt benefit packages. The latter include wellness programs, initiatives to sustain work-life balance, gym subscriptions, and many other things that will improve an employee’s quality of life. These components are essential to be found on a job posting to attract a potential truck driver. This being said, the main criteria for a job posting to work on the chosen target market is a good marketing presence on those marketing channels that regularly target truck drivers and content that is carefully curated to imprint the consumer’s mind. Other than that, techniques that work in attracting truck drivers for effective recruitment advertising include current drivers’ testimonials to provide honest feedback on the job experience others may apply for. 

#2 Hire the Best Recruiters

Well, let’s first understand who a truck driver recruiter is. To put it simply, this individual is someone who is responsible for finding and hiring prospective and professional truck drivers who perfectly fit the company culture, needs, and requirements. Indeed, these employees find and hire the appropriate personnel and take care of discussions like benefits packages, salary, required equipment, and any other question that concerns the individual either at that moment of conversation or later on the job. Amongst all of these essentials, a significant element to keep in mind both as an owner of a trucking company and as a person seeking job opportunities is that gaining the best workforce begins with employing a professional, well-trained, and smart recruiter. Taking into account that not every single person can conduct the responsibilities of a recruiter in the best possible way, many companies consider crafting the professional career path of a recruiter within the company to be capable of conducting onboarding and training. That is, most companies want to have a Recruit Program Manager to be able to consistently sustain the apt recruitment procedures and stop employee shortages by having opportunities to promote from within.


#3 Craft Job Distributor Partnership

Let’s get back to the #1 tip that is supposed to guarantee you success with finding the best candidate available in the job market; it is essential to have a good marketing presence on those marketing channels that interested candidates often visit and maintain well-curated content. Turns out, alongside these, establishing partnerships with job distributors is not a less critical aspect contributing to company success in recruitment. The thing is that there are a plethora of social media channels and job boards, which may end up wasting your time, energy, and money on posting job adverts without a final result. Indeed, when a trucking company succeeds in crafting job distributor partnerships with recruiting platforms or prominent social media channels that are engaged in recruitment procedures, the probability of succeeding in recruiting the right candidate and saving resources, i.e., time, energy, dramatically increases. Not only do such partners put your job postings first and promote them to the maximum possible extent, but they also consider offering candidates from friends, family members, or acquaintances that are apt for that particular job. 

Final Note

Let me remind you that for the staff to make a difference for the company, especially if we talk about a trucking company, the recruitment procedures should be detailed and professional. The three tips alongside techniques to bypass driver shortages in the trucking industry create the key to success for a trucking company, especially if we talk about AJR Trucking – one of the few companies that provide the best trucking jobs. 

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