Trucking Companies Recruit Women Drivers: AJR is All for it!

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Trucking Companies Recruit Women Drivers: AJR is All for it!

With the US freight trucking industry generating a stunning figure of $791.7 billion in revenues in 2019, becoming a truck driver can undoubtedly be worth the effort. Though, as surprising as it may sound, there are tons of vacancies for high-quality truck drivers. Read on to discover what’s new in US trucking companies and how you can benefit from various opportunities! 

Hiring Female Truck Drivers?

Recently, Bloomberg published a story about the 16-year-old Clarise King-Green, who had driven anything from cars to minibusses but was yet to operate a freight truck by the time she received her learner’s permit.

Excitingly, last summer was decisive in Clarise’s life, who, already in her sixties, partook in an educational program sponsored by the state. The program aimed to finance the studies of prospective drivers who want to attend a trucking educational institution where prices are as high as $7,000.

Women Joining Trucking Companies is a Two-way Street

“People that know me well say driving is in my blood, so it wasn’t intimidating. It was exciting, really,” this is what Clarise had to say when Bloomberg asked her to share her motivation for joining a trucking company. Whether trucking is a woman’s job, she has not given much thought to it. And today, she is a member of a team of hundreds of truck drivers who operate a fleet of thousands of trucks.

When it comes to US trucking companies, there has been a shortage of drivers for more than a decade, and the situation was further aggravated through the COVID-19. Thus, many local trucking companies have already started hiring female drivers to make up for the need. What’s more? By 2023, there will be more than 100,000 fewer truck drivers than the market demand. With this in mind, leveling the gender gap in the industry has become more urgent than ever.

However, there is much room to improve in making the trucking industry free of gender biases. In fact, reports suggest that in 2019 the figure for women driving trucks made up only under 7% of total truck drivers. To deal with the situation, many non-profit and state organizations in New York and Oregon have decided to finance the studies of female drivers. In addition, soon, a $550 billion package will be delivered to Congress to decide on the means to hire more female truck drivers.

Women’s Engagement in Trucking Gets Promoted!

Interestingly, a few large trucking companies have started to promote the notion of hiring married couples as a way to provide their employees peace of mind.

Next, the non-profit The Women In Trucking Association aims at promoting the hiring process of women in the trucking industry. Among their other priorities include promoting female drivers’ accomplishments and minimizing the number of barriers they face on their way to integrating into the community.

For September, the non-profit has already announced its member of the month, Melissa Bencivengo, who has been distinguished through her achievements.

Passionate About Trucking? Female? Join AJR Trucking!

At AJR Trucking, not only do customers receive excellent service, but also their employees get world-class training in an environment best suited to their learning needs.

Apart from the educational process, AJR fosters strong bonds with their staff as they attempt to find the perfect harmony between employees’ talents and unique abilities. Needless to say, at AJR, no employee ever feels disconnected from the community because AJR boasts much respect toward its team.

Concerning AJR’s ultimate goal, they target helping their employees achieve a perfect balance between self-actualization and commitment to work.

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